Care Managers, Social Workers, Caregivers

Senior care professionals, fiduciaries, conservators, care managers and caregivers use SilverRide to help manage care for their clients and loved ones. SilverRide helps coordinate the outing for each client through the entire ride experience.


This includes speaking with the client and/or person caring for them prior to the ride to make sure everything is correct and thought through, to arriving on time and providing full assistance through the entire outing, making sure that the client gets home ok at the end. Often, it is actually all the work done outside of the vehicle that is more complex and difficult than the actual ride itself.


SilverRide drivers are trained in how to handle clients of all sorts of physical and cognitive conditions. If a situation gets out of control while on an outing, drivers can get live help through our Driver Support Hotline. Drivers are also trained in how to handle emergency situations as well as common situations such as how to redirect conversation away from sensitive topics. Over time, our partner professionals and family members have come to know, respect and count on our ability to manage client situations well.


One of our partners, Institute on Aging, had this to say about SilverRide:


In addition to the benefit of the transportation and companionship provided, we greatly value SilverRide’s ability to manage the entire client experience. This eases the burden considerably for the care management staff and enables them to focus on other issues to help achieve and maintain client stability. We don’t have to coordinate with multiple groups or depend on companies that are often unreliable. SilverRide works out all the logistical issues related to getting our clients out of their homes for appointments or just social outings – and they are always on time. Their staff also provides us with feedback that is valuable in clinical management.” Dave Wordegar, former CEO, Institute on Aging.


If you are a professional or a family caregiver, please call us to help you with all of your client needs.