SilverRide was founded to help seniors continue to have fulfilling, enriched lives as they age.  As the famous astronaut John Glenn said about why he wanted to go back into space later in life, “Just because I’m 77 doesn’t mean I can’t still dream.” 


At age 77, he fulfilled his dream and became the oldest person to go into space.  We at SilverRide help enable our clients to fulfill their dreams.  Whether it is just enjoying the basics of life, such as going for walks in the park, shopping, or visiting a museum, or more complicated itineraries like picking up grandchildren for outings, taking longer trips out of town or having a romantic date with a spouse, SilverRide can help make it happen.


Having had personal experience with loved ones’ and other seniors’ inability to get out and have fun, SilverRide CEO Jeff Maltz decided there had to be a better way.  Jeff’s grandmother, Mollie, used to love to walk to the bookstore across from her apartment and would go daily.  After she had a serious stroke, paralyzing part of her body, she had to move to a skilled nursing home to get the 24-hour care she needed.


The community was far from her favorite bookstore, and her condition would have made it difficult to be herself at the bookstore anyway.  Had SilverRide existed at that time, Mollie would have been able to get to the bookstore and maintained the continuity of that experience that meant so much to her.  SilverRide provides that better way of supporting and enabling seniors to engage in the fun, life-enriching activities that are most important to them.


In 2007, after extensively researching the senior marketplace, he and colleague Susan Steiner Saal founded SilverRide — a unique one-stop-shop senior transportation and socialization company.



We approach everything we do by looking through a senior focused lens.


•    We are a complete solution for clients to use when they leave their homes.  This includes full concierge service, personalized rides, all with an engaging — fingerprinted, background-checked — driver companion.


•    Prior to driving, we spend significant amounts of time talking with our clients, their families, and the professionals who assist them to plan their outings.


•    In addition to driving clients to doctors’ appointments and other routine errands, we accompany them to ballgames, museums, restaurant lunches, shopping, and walks in the park.  About 70 percent of our time is spent outside of the car joining our clients in activities they enjoy.


•    We specialize in helping clients with physical and cognitive needs.  We welcome them with open arms, a friendly smile, and a can-do attitude.


•    Our driver companions are singers, songwriters, inventors, photographers, students, and other fun and interesting people who love engaging with seniors.  The use both SilverRide vehicles and their own personal vehicles to help provide the most appropriate vehicle and service to our clients.


•    Our clients typically ride in the front seat, making it easy to converse with our drivers.


•    Our driver companions provide full, detailed reports of their outings to our clients’ families.


•    Our driver companions receive comprehensive training in how to physically assist clients while they are with us, and handle any condition they might have such as dementia, blindness, essential tremors, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other conditions.


•    Most importantly, all driver companions are fingerprinted, drug tested, and their backgrounds are checked by the FBI as well as the U.S. Department of Justice.  All SilverRide vehicles are impeccably maintained and follow a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program.  They are inspected daily for cleanliness and safety.


SilverRide delivers Freedom, Independence and Fun to all our clients.