Medical Pickups

Patients coming home from doctor’s appointments or clinic discharges vary in their needs.  Generally speaking, all patients coming from daily outpatient services where they received any form of anesthesia need a more specialized service to take them home.  The reason for this is that they could suffer post drug symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, paranoia, weakness or other issues.


They could forget where they live for instance, or lose their keys, or not be able to find their keys, or be too weak to climb up stairs to get into their home.  Taxis and other services are not the best solution for patients in these situations.


SilverRide offers a safe, convenient and comfortable way home for patients coming out of outpatient surgery and procedures.  We guarantee a door-to-door assisted ride, can make sure the patient gets into their home, and can make sure if there is a severe change in condition the rider is handled correctly and appropriately.


Many outpatient clinics and doctor’s offices actually require that patients who do not have a friend or family member who can take them home use SilverRide exclusively.