Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing

SilverRide can supplement and even replace your existing transportation solutions with a more flexible 24/7 option. Residents receive door-through-door fully assisted ride service, and are not limited by day on where they can go. We typically help reduce costs 10-20%.


SilverRide helps senior living communities supplement and even replace their existing transportation services. Most senior communities offer transportation via in-house buses, vans and sedans, utilizing employee drivers and other staff to help with the rides. Most of the time, communities structure transportation into options by day. For example, Monday is doctor appointment day south of the community, Tuesday is doctor appointment day north of the community, Wednesday is south again and Thursday north.


Fridays are group shopping days, Saturdays are then group activity days such as going to the casino, park, museum, movies, etc. Sundays are church, synagogue, mosque and religious institution day.


Using SilverRide, communities can offer 24 x 7 service to their residents, allowing them to go where they need to go on the day they need to go. This flexibility can greatly help communities improve services for their residents, which in turn improves customer service and resident satisfaction. Senior housing residents love SilverRide! Note that residents also get SilverRide’s guaranteed door-through-door assisted ride service, making it easier for them to get where they need to go and back.


In addition to providing improved, more flexible service, SilverRide can help reduce costs, service downtime and management time. By outsourcing transportation and accompaniment services to SilverRide, communities don’t need to own vehicles or manage employee drivers. This can be a big relief to senior housing administrators and allow them to focus more on what the community needs.


SilverRide can also provide accompaniment where appropriate to doctors offices and even social outings.


Last, SilverRide is typically at least 15-20% less expensive than current in-house solutions.