Transit Agencies, Paratransit Programs

Currently, local county transit agencies typically outsource most of their transportation services. This is typically done via public bus systems, the paratransit system, new bikeshare programs, outsourcing to taxis, and other new innovative options that are coming. Many transit agencies now offer mobility management centers where local residents can call to find out what the most appropriate form of transportation would be for them, or at least learn what their options are.




Paratransit systems most often serve riders who need extra assistance by providing transportation in large accessible vehicles that offer shared rides for up to eight or more riders. The rides are scheduled ahead of time. Typically, the rider is given a window of time when the bus will show up, usually 30 minutes to an hour. When the bus arrives, it will wait 15 minutes and then leave. Sometimes, the driver is able to offer door-through-door service.


However, if other riders are on the paratransit bus, the driver cannot be out of line-of-sight of the bus, so cannot help each rider from the door into the bus. This can make it very difficult for frail clients to use the system. Also, often riders can get stuck on the bus for one or two hours to go for a ride that would normally take 10 minutes directly. Dialysis patients notoriously suffer the most from this situation as their return times often change, making it difficult for transit systems to pick them up on time.



SilverRide offers a very different approach 


SilverRide can typically get most clients home in 10 minutes if the ride itself takes 10 minutes. There is rarely a wait for other riders to get home as most of our rides are not shared rides. However, we are using rideshare drivers, so there is a lot of margin on pickup and return home.  The driver takes responsibility for getting the client picked up and taken home on time.  Of course, all rides are tracked via GPS, and drivers are able to provide extremely tailored service via our apps.


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