Our Unique Service

Door Through Door Assisted Ride Service:    SilverRide provides flexible transportation options to meet the needs of our clients. Our assisted ride transportation is provided with door-through-door service by our Driver Companions in a comfortable senior-friendly vehicle.   Tailored Service:  Because of the extensive training of our Driver Companions and the technology we use to support them, SilverRide is able to deliver highly tailored service to our clients based on their unique needs.  Whatever condition they have, we are prepared to help based on the training drivers have already received, and the materials they have at their fingertips with the apps we provide them.   Best Insurance in the Industry:  SilverRide maintains full $1M primary liability insurance for all vehicles whether company-owned or part of ourdriver partner fleet.  For our rideshare drivers, this include $1M of coverage for all three periods of the TNC rules, and include physical damage coverage for the drivers' vehicles (we're looking out for them too!).  Each rideshare driver also gets a SilverRide insurance card for their vehicle, so they never have to use their own personal insurance in an accident.  In addition, the Company also maintains insurance for all incidents that can happen OUTSIDE of the vehicle.  So when we take our clients out for walks in the park, to doctor's appointments -- anywhere they are going -- clients are covered from the moment we get them from in their home to inside wherever they are going.   On Time Guarantee* : The SilverRide On Time Guarantee states that we will arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time or the ride is half-price.   Cashless Transactions: All pricing is quoted in advance and once completed, trips are automatically billed to a credit card on file or deducted from a pre-paid balance. Our Driver Companions don't accept tips, so there is never a need to carry cash.   Safety: All SilverRide Driver Companions have clean DMV driving records and have gone through extensive background checks prior to beginning service with SilverRide. All Driver Companions are fingerprinted, background-checked and drug tested.

Our Professional Staff

SilverRide Travel Concierges: All of our SilverRide Assisted Ride Services are coordinated and managed by our Travel Concierges. These are our trusted and trained reservation specialists who help clients, their families and their caregivers book our services as conveniently as possible. Our Travel Concierges maintain confidential member profiles which include client ride preferences, frequently visited destinations and payment preferences to make booking and payment easy. Our Travel Concierges are trained to communicate clearly, effectively, patiently and compassionately with older adults and to provide appointment reminders and check-ins, as requested.

Our Driver Companions

Driver Companions: All SilverRide transportation services are provided by our Driver Companions who have a passion for older adults and who are trained to provide a punctual, courteous, and enjoyable travel experience. Enjoy SilverRide's exclusive "Door Through Door" service, whereby our Driver Companions provide assistance from the inside of the home to the inside of the awaiting vehicle and then from the vehicle to the entry of the destination. Our Driver Companions receive our Older Adult Training Programs to continually improve their skills.

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