Try our award-winning
assisted ride service that
makes transportation easy,
safe and convenient.

SilverRide offers full physical assistance on every outing, and our engaging driver companions tailor service to each client’s specific needs. It’s like being with family.

The SilverRide Rideshare Door-Through-Door Assisted Ride Service

With the SilverRide rideshare door-through-door assisted ride service (TNC), we pick you up from inside any location and transport you safely and securely all the way into your final destination.

Only SilverRide drivers are bonded, trained and insured to help you each step of the way.

Safe and Reliable Medical Pickups

The SilverRide Medical Pickup service provides a safer and more reliable way to travel to your destination.

SilverRide drivers are uniquely trained to help get you all the way from your pickup location all the way home – or to any destination – securely.

Learn more about how our Medical Pickup service works.

We absolutely love SilverRide. Their fantastic drivers make all the difference. Highly recommended!

A better senior transportation solution for our cities, counties, senior living communities and social service agencies.

Currently, local county transit agencies typically outsource most of their transportation services. This is typically done via public bus system..

SilverRide can supplement and even replace your existing transportation solutions with a more flexible 24/7 option. Residents receive door-through..

Senior care professionals, fiduciaries, conservators, care managers and caregivers use SilverRide to help manage care for their clients and loved o..

SilverRide = Sharing economy + seniors + transportation

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“SilverRide drivers provide physical assistance to riders and are informed about riders’
specific needs before pickup. Paratransit agencies should tap into SilverRide’s training
curriculum and driver information services."

— NYU Wagner Rudin