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Prioritizing the Health and
Safety of Our Riders and the
Compliance Needs of Our Partners​

Health and Safety

Health and safety come first
at SilverRide​

The well-being of our passengers and riders are our #1 priority. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive plan that prioritizes the health and safety of everyone in the SilverRide community.


All SilverRide drivers must meet our industry-leading credentialing requirements and are equipped with the tools necessary for safe driving, following health protocols, adhering to accessible ride standards, understanding and implementing emergency procedures, and physically assisting riders with a wide range of physical conditions.


SilverRide assists drivers with credentialing gaps to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to meet SilverRide standards and join our driver network.


Driver backgrounds are thoroughly vetted, their performance monitored, and their vehicles regularly inspected to ensure they meet SilverRide’s high standards.


We’ve taken a compliance first approach from day one

Our turnkey mobility solution supports the compliance needs of our partners. Our own stringent guidelines ensure that our drivers and processes are flexible and comply with DOT, FTA, ADA, and HIPAA guidelines. This helps ensure that your organization’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Driver Standards
    All SilverRide drivers must meet strict credentialing requirements on the senior condition, ADA, physical transfers, safety and more. Drivers also have access to a knowledge base via our driver app with situation-specific procedures and best practices to ensure they fulfill each rider’s needs and are prepared for any situation.
  • Covid-19
    The health of our passengers is our top priority. We’ve implemented strict COVID-19 procedures and are continually monitoring the latest health and safety recommendations. All drivers and passengers must wear masks at all times, and our drivers follow all CDC guidance and recommended COVID-19 prevention protocols.​
  • Drug & alcohol
    All drivers undergo drug and alcohol testing as per FTA guidelines. We have a zero tolerance policy and provide training on the use and identification of the use of drugs and alcohol. We also provide riders with a process to report drivers who they suspect of substance use. ​
  • Background checks
    Prior to driving with SilverRide, all drivers undergo extensive background checks with the FBI and the Department of Justice that identify any criminal behavior. Drivers are also fingerprinted and must have a clean driving record with the DMV.
  • Vehicle inspections
    Drivers’ vehicles must all pass extensive regularly scheduled vehicle inspections and drivers inspect their vehicles and document the inspections daily.​
  • Complaint procedures
    As part of our mission to provide our passengers with a pleasant, safe, and reliable ride, we have a clear and easy to follow complaint procedure. All complaints are given the highest priority until they are resolved.

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