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Our story

SilverRide launched in January 2007 in San Francisco when Jeff Maltz
and Susan Steiner Saal saw an opportunity to address the transportation
challenges that seniors face. Since that time, the company has become a
fully licensed TNC operator that facilitates assisted ride services to a
broad range of individuals and organizations who need additional rider
support during their trip.


We’ve already facilitated over a million rides and are now expanding
nationally. Our rapid growth includes new launches in Seattle, Dallas, Orlando, Louisville,
Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Phoenix. Our goal from the start has been to
facilitate a better assisted rider experience that offers riders care, compassion,
and personalized attention. Our company, including our best-in-class
drivers, is passionate about the work we do. This unique focus on the
rider experience sets us apart and makes SilverRide the ideal choice for
agencies, senior-focused organizations, and medical providers.

Our Mission and Values

We are not just your average rideshare service. We’re a mission-driven company
with an ambition to help communities nationally expand access and support all
of their riders – including those who need extra support and help.


Inclusion – We embrace clients and riders with varied needs and strive to help communities provide access to riders that are underserved.


Diversity – Diversity is woven into the fabric of our organization. Our team and drivers include a mix of backgrounds and experiences. This helps us connect
with riders who have an equally diverse range of needs and experiences.


Support – We don’t just want to get the job done – we want to ensure that every rider, every client, and every driver feels 100% supported along the way. Our job is not complete until we’re certain that you and your clients have received all the support you need.  We’re committed to making every ride​ safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.


Jeff Maltz

Founder and CEO

Aaron McPherson


Mark Johnston

Director of Innovation

Jennie Chin Hansen

Senior Advisor