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Flexible transportation options
to meet the needs of our clients

Because of the extensive credentialing requirements of our Driver Companions and the technology we use to support them, SilverRide is able to deliver highly

tailored service to our clients based on their unique needs.


We provide service you can’t find anywhere else. Our credentialed drivers are selected to be professional, supportive and kind. You won’t find drivers like ours just anywhere!


SilverRide’s proprietary technology integrates with your organization’s systems and deliver transparency, real time data, and efficiencies at each step of the process.


From the start, we designed our platform and process to be fully compliant with government regulations and guidelines. Both our drivers and platform are DOT, FTA, ADA, and HIPAA compliant.

The trusted partner of transit agencies and
community organizations

Transit Agencies

Our flexible solution allows transit agencies to cost efficiently scale operations by offering on demand assisted rides to any rider who needs it.

Senior Services

We tailor our solutions to meet the specialized needs of organizations like PACE and senior living communities. Our drivers go the extra mile to offer riders a personalized and door-through-door service.

Healthcare Providers

SilverRide driver companions provide quality transportation for your patients – always on-time and always professional. We’re ready to meet your organization’s unique needs.

SilverRide works out all the logistical issues related to getting our clients out of their homes for appointments or just social outings – and they are always on time.

The trusted partner of transit agencies and
community organizations

SilverRide drivers welcome every passenger with open arms, a smile, and a
can-do attitude. That’s something both our passengers and partner love. ​

Our drivers meet comprehensive credentialing and compliance requirements and are well-equipped to assist riders with a wide range of abilities in and out of the vehicle and throughout their trip. With support from our mobile app, drivers are also able to properly tailor the experience to each rider. ​


From the start, SilverRide has strived to create a better assisted ride experience that truly supports the needs of each passenger with care and compassion. This personal touch is what truly sets us apart and makes SilverRide the right choice for agencies and senior organizations.​

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