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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

SilverRide is fully committed to accessibility, inclusion, and diversity. Our approach is to strive to integrate accessibility into everything we do, including our website, in order to provide a compelling and easy to navigate experience for everybody.


For individuals who require it, we enabled the use of assistive technologies such as a text to speech, screen readers, screen magnification, and keyboard tabbing.


Our website code was developed with structured and semantic HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which helps to enhance the experience.

Below is a summary of how we made accessible and easy to navigate for all visitors:


Site layout

Our webpage layouts are structured for easy navigation for individuals using a screen reader. We use semantic HTML5 with appropriate tags to distinguish content headings, sections, listings, tables, and other formatting features so that guests can easily and consistently use the website with assistive technology.


Text alternatives

We have provided a text-based alternative for all images that appear on the website that allows screen readers to read the alternate text content.



Our webpages are built to enable you to zoom in or out on your browser. This enables you to change your page size and make the content easier to read. Nearly all modern browsers include zooming functionality, so you should be able to use the browser’s sizing feature to zoom in and out.


Keyboard accessibility

Nearly all of our content and website sections are accessible using only tab-based keyboard or by tabbing through the website.


Browser support

Our website has been tested in Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome to ensure that the website shows properly in these browsers.


Third party provided components

Some of our webpages may contain elements that are provide by third parties. Although SilverRide cannot control third party elements, we encourage our 3rd party partners to provide content or elements that is fully accessible and user-friendly.


Additional assistance

If you have trouble viewing, navigating, or reading any content on our website, or believe that any functionality or content on our website is not accessible to people with disabilities, please get in touch with us so that we can review your feedback.


You can reach us by emailing us or filling out our contact form. If you are sending an email, please use subject line “Accessibility Feedback” in the subject line and include a description of the specific issue so that we can review the issue and respond to you.