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SilverRide drivers provide more than just a ride. For many of our clients,
SilverRide trips are a crucial lifeline to both necessary medical
treatment and enriching life experiences. That means going the extra mile
to help our riders and supporting them on the trip.


Our drivers can have an outsized impact on a client’s day, and we take that
responsibility very seriously. We’re looking for trustworthy individuals who
are kind, patient, and empathetic.

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A few of the benefits of driving with SilverRide​

Driving with Purpose

The work our drivers do really matters. We’re supporting the needs of our riders and the organizations we partner with. If you’re mission driven like we are, you’ll find your work rewarding, engaging, and enjoyable. ​

More Driving Opportunities

SilverRide enables drivers to get work with transit agencies and other organizations through our safety, compliance, certification and other processes that meet these organizations’ requirements. We match drivers with these opportunities.

Full Flexibility

Driving with SilverRide provides you the flexibility you need so that you can keep a schedule that works best for you. As an independent contractor in the gig economy, we’ll make every effort to accommodate your needs.​

Earn More

Our drivers typically earn more than at other rideshare companies. It’s just one more reason why SilverRide drivers absolutely love what they do.

I’ve loved working for SilverRide. The company is
incredibly focused on making its drivers part of
the team. Highly recommended.

Dan in San Francisco, CA

Each day driving for SilverRide is a new adventure and filled with engaging interactions. With the flexibility that SilverRide offers me, it’s a great fit for my schedule and other responsibilities.

Sarah in San Francisco, CA

Driver FAQ

What does it mean to join SilverRide’s driver network?

SilverRide is a transportation network company (TNC) and all drivers in our network are independent contractors (1099’s). As an independent contractor you will select the rides you want to provide and the hours to drive.
SilverRide specializes in transportation for riders who may need some assistance before, during and after their ride. These riders can include older adults, people living with disabilities, people who are blind or visually impaired, people who use wheelchairs and anybody with mobility or cognitive challenges.
SilverRide matches drivers with rides that may be requested for passengers by transit agencies, healthcare providers or senior service organizations or they may be a ride requested by an individual rider or someone who cares for them.

What are the requirements to join SilverRide’s driver network?

NOTE: SilverRide requirements will always meet or exceed mandatory TNC and any other requirements from your state or locality. If those mandated requirements exceed what is listed below then the state/local requirements will take precedence.
1. Driver requirements:
  • Age 23 or older unless state or local statutes require an older age limit.
  • Valid U.S. driver’s license from the state in which you will be driving with a clean driving record. A driving record check will be completed and reviewed before you’re authorized to join the network. No DUI/DWI are allowed.
  • Pass FTA and state drug and alcohol tests and agree to random testing while you are active in SilverRide’s driver network (if you want to be able to service clients who have this requirement. Not all SilverRide clients have this requirement).
  • A willingness to be fingerprinted and then pass a criminal background check.
    • Minimum of 7-year background check
    • No felonies or charges involving violence
    • Not on the National Sex Offender Registry
  • Meet SilverRide’s credentialing requirements related to the knowledge and proficiency on the senior condition, ADA, physical transfers, safety and more. SilverRide’s network of drivers provides service to riders for transit agencies, healthcare providers and senior service organizations that can have heavy compliance and credentialing requirements. SilverRide is an expert in these requirements and can assist you in filling in any gaps you may have so that these driving opportunities are available to you.
  • An iPhone or Android phone so you can access SilverRide’s driver app.
  • Drivers must agree to take passengers with service animals. Even if a driver has allergies, the law requires that the driver take the rider and service animal.
2. Vehicle requirements:
  • Vehicle requirements such as model year can vary by state and locality, but should generally meet the below requirements
    • Should be no more than 10 years old
    • Must be a 4-door vehicle
    • Vehicle can be a sedan or SUV (sport utility vehicle) that can carry between 2 to 7 other passengers. Pickup trucks are not allowed.
    • You can find a summary of requirements on the SilverRide website, but your vehicle will be validated against your state’s current requirements upon your application.
  • Current, valid vehicle registration.
  • Proof of insurance in your name. Several personal auto insurers offer specific coverage for transportation network company drivers.
  • Your vehicle will have to pass an inspection as required by your state.
  • Vehicles need to be clean and not have any smell of smoke or drugs (marijuana).

What are the steps to join SilverRide’s driver network?

Submit an application using links on the SilverRide website or postings on the web and our team will be in touch to answer all your questions and guide you through the process. All SilverRide network drivers have passed a rigorous screening process that includes drug testing (if required for customers you will service), a driving history review and criminal background checks.

What are SilverRide’s credentialing requirements?

SilverRide must ensure that all drivers in our network can meet the requirements of our partners and riders. This includes areas of accessibility, regulatory compliance, safety and fulfilling the various specific needs of our riders.
Requirements include the following topics and SilverRide can assist drivers to fill in knowledge and skill gaps in these areas:

  • Defensive driving
  • Emergency protocols and vehicle evacuation
  • ADA compliance and regulations
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Health and safety protocols
  • Procedures for wheelchairs
  • Physically assisting riders
  • Awareness related to seniors, disabilities and visual impairment
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
Note that requirements can differ based upon which clients we have contracted with in each local area, and which of those clients you choose to service.

What will I receive as an independent contractor?

    • First, as an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for all expenses, except those mandated to be paid by SilverRide, and for providing your own vehicle. If rides require an accessible vehicle, SilverRide can provide options for leasing a vehicle for those rides.
      As an independent contractor you may be able to claim related deductions when filing your taxes. Deductions for automobile, mileage and other expenses costs can reduce your income tax liability. You should speak with a tax advisor for guidance related to expenses, deductions and taxes.
    • Guaranteed minimum earnings: You are guaranteed to always earn at least 120% of the applicable minimum wage for the time you are engaged driving plus $0.30 per mile (or the applicable rate in your state) for miles driven during engaged time.
    • Potential for higher earnings: Many drivers earn more than the guaranteed minimum earnings. We compensate drivers at the rate of 50% of the ride fare after deduction of a client service fee which leads to higher earnings. As an independent contractor, you are always able to let us know if the rates do not work for you, and you need to negotiate for a higher rate.
    • Auto insurance: SilverRide’s insurance will cover at least $1 million in liability for accidents that occur when the driver is engaged (some contracts require much higher levels of insurance – sometimes $5m+ — and SilverRide will provide that level of insurance if it is required).
    • Occupational accident insurance: You will be covered by SilverRide’s occupational accident policy at no charge. This insurance resembles worker’s comp insurance for employees.
      • Disability insurance: SilverRide’s occupational accident policy also covers disability payments for injuries suffered while performing service. Coverage will be based on state requirements. In California, for example, this insurance will pay up to 66% of your average weekly earnings from all network companies based on a 28-day period prior to the injuries (up to $1,286.44/week) up to $1 million.
      • Accidental death insurance: SilverRide’s occupational accident policy also covers accidental death insurance
    • Payment: SilverRide pays independent contractor invoices one (1) week after each full week of work. Specifically, for all work completed from Saturday to Sunday, the invoice for that work period will be paid the following Friday — 6 days later. For each invoice, SilverRide will provide a detailed list of trips so the contractor can verify his/her pay is correct for trips completed and for any incentive bonuses due.
    • For each invoice, SilverRide will provide a detailed list of trips so the contractor can verify his/her pay is correct for trips completed and for any incentive bonuses due.

How will I be offered ride opportunities?

SilverRide’s passenger clientele typically are scheduling rides a day, or multiple days, prior to when they need the ride. Also, SilverRide can sometimes receive bulk ride requests from transit agencies or other partners the day prior to the ride date, along with trips coming in the same day.
This allows SilverRide to frequently pre-group these rides together into efficient routes called bundles. Drivers are presented with bundles and all the underlying ride detail where they can decide if they’d like to claim the bundle and provide the rides. Once the bundle is claimed it is assigned to the driver in SilverRide’s driver app which guides the driver through all the rides on the route. You will be offered the amount you will be paid for the bundle of trips. As always, if you have concerns about the rate you are being paid for the bundle of trips, you can always negotiate the rate that works best for you.
On-demand rides usually arise during the day and these rides are then offered to drivers whose bundle allows for the additional ride. Drivers can then claim these add-on rides if they would like to make more money.
SilverRide will also often offer you shared rides. A shared ride is a ride in which one or more passengers are riding together starting and/or ending at different locations. The amount paid for shared rides will differ based on the contract. For example, some contracts do not pay any additional amount for shared trips, but you as a driver can make more money because you will have a passenger in the car more of the time, and have less time when you are working where there is no passenger.

What is the Prop 22 health insurance stipend for California drivers?

Prop 22 requires rideshare companies to provide a health insurance stipend to drivers who qualify on a quarterly basis.


Who is eligible to receive a quarterly stipend?


Drivers that meet both of these requirements are eligible to receive the quarterly stipend:

  • Average 15 or more engaged hours per week in the quarter AND
  • Are enrolled in a qualifying health plan during the quarter. This is a health plan that is not either government-sponsored or employer-sponsored.


Engaged hours are the time you are actively providing rides for SilverRide. This is the time from when you accept a ride to when you complete the ride request.


The quarters for eligibility are defined as:

  • Q1: January 1 to March 31
  • Q2: April 1 to June 30
  • Q3: July 1 to September 30
  • Q4: October 1 to December 31


How do I receive the stipend if I qualify?


Drivers that meet both requirements must submit an application within the filing period which is in the first 15 days of the end of the quarter.


Proof of enrollment in a qualifying health plan that includes the driver’s name as the plan subscriber, insurance effective date and name of the insurance provider must be submitted with your application.


Acceptable proof of enrollment:

  • Health insurance card
  • Evidence of coverage and disclosure forms from the health plan
  • Claim forms and other documents necessary to submit claims


The application filing period and deadline for each quarter is:

  • The Q1 filing period is April 1 thru April 15 (the filing deadline is April 15)
  • The Q2 filing period is July 1 thru July 15 (the filing deadline is July 15)
  • The Q3 filing period is October 1 thru October 15 (the filing deadline is October 15)
  • The Q4 filing period is January 1 thru January 15 (the filing deadline is January 15)


How much is the stipend?

  • Qualified drivers who submit a completed application before the deadline and averaged 25 engaged hours or more per week in the quarter will receive $1,468.62 for the quarter.
  • Qualified drivers who submit a completed application before the deadline and averaged 15 engaged hours or more per week in the quarter will receive $734.31 for the quarter.

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