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in Atlanta

Step 1: Apply

Apply to join our driver network platform. We’ll be in touch soon to go through the steps for adding you to our network.

Step 2: Credentialing

Become SilverRide credentialed with a focus on our riders’ special needs and clients’ safety and compliance requirements.

Step 3: Start Driving

Start earning while serving this rider population as SilverRide matches you with individual riders, government, senior, healthcare, and other organizations.



Apply to drive in Atlanta

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Here’s what you need to join SilverRide’s driver network

Vehicle requirements

2013 or newer

Less than 250,000 miles

4-door vehicle (no trucks and only SUVs low to the ground)

5 to 8 passenger seats, including the driver seat

Driver requirements

23 or older

Trustline certified (or willing to be fingerprinted and background checked)

Agree to random drug testing administered by the state (SilverRide pays)

An iPhone or Android phone

Documentation and credentialing requirements

Valid driver’s license with clean driving record (no DUIs)

Motor vehicle registration

Proof of vehicle insurance

Meet credentialing requirements on the senior condition, ADA, physical transfers and safety. SilverRide can assist with any credentials you need.

Apply to drive in Atlanta

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